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As of August 2, 2009:
I hope to rejuvenate the SaleList by September.
Until then, the revisions listed here will not be helpful.

The rest of this page is being kept here just so I can use it later when I do start issuing Revisions.

Each update should be treated as a completely new document, so no Revisions files will be posted until the SaleList for 2009 is completely rebuilt. If you already have a Word copy or a hard copy of the SaleList and just want to update it, you can download revision files. Check the lower left-hand corner of the cover of your copy; it should have a "last revised on" date. Select the revisions that have occurred since then, and apply the earliest first.

If the date on your copy falls between two revision dates, don't worry; your SaleList already contains some of the changes included in the later revision notice. Just ignore those changes as you update your copy.

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The revisions published in these files are keyed to specific pages in the document. These may not be exact because entries move around as each set of revisions is applied, so use the page number as a hint, not a rule. Sales events are arranged in date order, based on the first day of the sale; the lists of ongoing sales and book stores are each arranged alphabetically.

If you would like to be notified each time the SaleList is revised, contact me to be put on the e-mailing list.

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