shows various versions of the crowd photo from page 1
of the October, 2011 newsletter so they can be compared.

Which is the best version for the online newsletter
and which one will look best on the printed version, which bleaches things out ?

Please help me decide. -- Margie Spenser

picture a
group a as received originally

picture b
group  b

picture c
group  c

picture d
group  d

picture e
group  e

picture f
group  f

picture g
group  g

picture h
group  h

picture i
group  i

Pages to print to test the color values in the group picture:

First print page 1 and cut the picture away, leaving a window thru which to view the 9 possible photos:
from a Word file   or a    .pdf file.
Second, print the three pages of pictures
from a Word file   or a    .pdf file.

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