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As of March, 2010:
I'm still working on the first edition of 2010's SaleList.

I hope to have a starter version available soon.
In the meantime, you can get hints of possible sales from the SaleLists described below.
Just call the pertinent library and ask if they are having the sale again this year.

You may copy any of these files to your own computer as a PDF file. Click on the appropriate link below, then save the file that appears by clicking on the icon of a floppy disk on the PDF taskbar.
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Of Possible Historical Interest

The last "good" SaleList I created before other commitments interfered was dated 4/28/2008. It looks like a work in progress, which it was, with notes about things to be confirmed, etc. It may nevertheless be helpful:

Download the last SaleList in 2008
Download the last SaleList in 2007
Download the last SaleList in 2006
Download the last SaleList in 2005

Downloading Single Pages

Following are several pages that can be posted on bulletin boards or used as handouts, independent of the SaleList itself.
If you provide any of them to the public, please include a notice like
"You can find more information at".

Sites of Interest
Calendar of Sales
"How to Donate Books"
"Dodging Parking Meters" poster
"Library Loot" poster

Posters and Fillers Last Used in the SaleList in 2007:

"Out of Book Space" poster
Anna Quindlen poster
Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder
100 Best Modern Novels
Penguin Classics for Children
Research Librarian Aptitude Test

Reprint Policy

Any library or other non-profit may print copies of the list of  Used Book Sales and Stores in and around Allegheny County for the convenience of its patrons, and charge up to $3.00 to defray the cost of printing. Bookstores and individuals may print copies to give away. Please do not remove references to the author, contact information, etc. You may add your own identifying information at the top of the front cover, below the price.

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