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Friends of the Squirrel Hill Library

Friends of the Library groups all over the world volunteer in many ways to help their local public libraries.

The Friends of the Squirrel Hill Library group was organized October 5, 1985, and has been going strong ever since.

We welcome anybody who cares about the library to join the group and/or come to our monthly meetings.

The Friends of the Squirrel Hill Library are active in many areas:

We advocate for libraries in letters, emails, phone calls, and lobbying in support of public actions to fund and improve libraries;

we raise money, through membership dues, used book sales, and other fund-raisers, to supplement the funds allocated to the Squirrel Hill Branch from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh;

we publicize library events and programs;
and we represent other library users, meeting with the professional staff, learning about their concerns and sharing ideas and suggestions to make the library ever more vital to the community.

Four different Friends bookmarks are available for printing. Choose between
.pdf format and Word format.

Upcoming Events

Our Ongoing Used Book Sale at the rear of the library
has been enlarged, and more books of all kinds are put out for sale every day.
There are plans for
frequent sales featuring all of the books in stock in one or two categories.

For more news about book sales in the library and online,
read Pat Bender's columns in the newsletters;
click on the blue Newsletter button above.

The Friends Workroom is just inside the Marlborough Street entry -- to the left of the restrooms.
If the door is open you'll see volunteers hard at work, but they are always happy to be interrupted!
Talk to them about the joys of working with the Friends, or
ask them to watch for a particular book you'd like to buy.

DONATIONS may be left at the workroom or taken to the Customer Service desk.
You can claim the value of your donation as a charitable deduction on your federal tax return;
ask a volunteer at the workroom or a clerk at the service desk for a blank tax receipt. They will sign it
but you must fill out the rest.
The IRS says you are responsible for determining the "fair market value" of your donation
so you may wish to inventory your donation before you bring it to us.
A blank tax receipt is available here for you to print and fill out.
Then bring it to the library for the signature of a Friend or library staff member.

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