Bitzers and Dorsts

validate your membership in one of these families

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Your name will be validated against the list of members of either the Bitzer family or the Dorst family. If your name is found, you will be able to use the home page of your family to request more information.

Note: you may be asked for other information about yourself that is missing from the list. Your reply will be sent to me via e-mail, so the list you will see today will not show your update yet.

first name (no nicknames or initials , please)

last name (the one you use now)
If you are a junior or "the second" or "the third" just add JR or II or III to the last name; omit spaces and punctuation
example: John Jones Jr. would enter JONESJR but his son John Jones III would enter JONESIII

birth date, in mm/dd/yy format, including the slashes
example: I was born on 10/10/41

Which family do you belong to? (Ralph's decendents may choose either.)

last revised: 12/31/05
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