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Issue Title Author page number or link other links
October 2008 The Huddled Masses Harriet Kruman vIIn4p3.jpg
January 2009 Steel City Jews Barbara S. Burstin vIIIn1p6.jpg
April 2009 Framework Anne G. Faigen vIIIIn2p2.jpg
January 2010 Between Heaven & Earth: An Illuminated Torah Commentary Irene Winn Lederer vIVn1p?.jpg ?
April 2010 No Cartoon Left Behind Rob Rogers vIVn2p?.jpg ?
April 2010 Rachel in the World Jane Bernstein vIVn2p?.jpg ?
July 2010 Eulogy for Andy (capa award) Rachel Rothenberg vIVn3p?.jpg ?
April 2011 Saving Our Public Libraries: Why We Should. How We Can. Janet Jai vVn2p?.jpg ?
July 2011 Pittsburgh Noir (anthology of 14 stories) Kathleen George, editor vVn3p?.jpg ?
October 2011 Hideout Kathleen George vVn4p?.jpg ?
January 2012 Bird in Flight Edith Balas vVIn1p?.jpg ?
April 2012 Aftertaste: A Novel in Five Courses Meredith Mileti vVIn2p?.jpg ?
July 2012 Hope Somewhere in America Sydelle Pearl vVIn3p?.jpg ?
January 2013 First You Try Everything Jane McCafferty vVIIn1p?.jpg ?
April 2013 Irish Pittsburgh Patricia McElligott vVIIn2p?.jpg ?
January 2014 The Bridge to Take When Things Get Serious Lori Jakiela vVIIIn1p?.jpg ?
July 2014 The Heart of June Mason Radkoff vVIIIn3p?.jpg ?
October 2014 Chutz-Pow! Superheroes of the Holocaust Wayne Wise vVIIIn4p?.jpg ?

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