Newsletter for January, 2012

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This version is built from 6 pictures of the printed pages ( .jpg's, pronounced "jpegs").
You can capture one or more .jpgs from this screen and store it on your computer.
For more technical details go to the bottom of this screen.

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Working With JPEGS

You can capture a picture from a website (most of the time) by right-clicking on the picture. You will get a menu like this:
jpeg menu
when you click on "Save Picture As..." you will be able to choose where to save it;
this is how the Save window looks on my computer, running under Windows XP:
save picture menu
Once it is saved on your computer you can do whatever you like with it:
read it, archive it, send it attached to or in an email, import it into a Word document, or print it.
You will not be able to edit the text but you will be able to crop the .jpg, adjust the color values, or manipulate it as a picture by using Print, Photoshop, or similar software.

Choosing a Version to Download

If you print the newsletter from these jpegs, you will print the buff background, which will use more ink than printing from other formats.
If you print it from a .pdf or Word file, the background will be the color of the paper you use.
Downloading either of those two file formats, however, may be quite slow.
The .pdf version is usually very easy to read online, and you can make it bigger to see it better.
However,you cannot make changes or copy just part of a
.pdf unless you have purchased the AdobeAcrobat software --
the version you can download for free will only let you read, not write.
The Word version can be manipulated like any other Microsoft Word file;
you can change, add, delete text or pictures as you wish; you can select parts to be printed or print the whole document, etc.

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